Kids Discovery Monitoring Days

From March to June this year, Lou Drage (TAK) and Matt Stanford (Enviroschools) have been taking small groups of students from our Kids Discovery Plantout schools out for monitoring sessions. Under this wooden disk, Glentunnel school found the following species; slugs, millipedes, a crane fly, ants, earthworms, slaters, a swift ground spider, weevils, a flatworm and an unknown Spider!

One of the reasons for re-establishing areas of native vegetation is to create habitat for all the other smaller creatures that belong to the Canterbury plains. Glentunnel school restoration site was first planted in 2015. It was expanded in 2016 after the removal of many exotic bushes and weeds there are now a total of 775 native seedlings at their school.

At each of the monitoring sessions, the survival rates of plants are noted, and photo-points are taken, so that students can see progress of their greendot over time. Lou shows the students pictures of birds and plays their song. They do a 3 – 5 minute bird count with binoculars. At Glentunnel school, they heard piwakawaka / faintail, korimako, bellbird, riroriro / grey warbler, and tauhou / silver eye.

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