Stackwoods Bend Crowdfunder Success

Thank you everyone who supported our first ever crowd funding campaign for this Stackwoods Bend restoration project. We raised $9,000 with all of your support. We will now commence planting at this site in rainy Spring – date set for September 6th.

The goal of this project is to restore a small portion of the Halswell / Huritini River along the stretch on Old Tai Tapu Road, locally known as ‘Stackwoods Bend’, which is very visible to people passing by.

During the planting day, students will also learn about local biodiversity. Stackwoods Bend will be planted with 400 trees, shrubs and grasses this Spring, and a further 400 next year, stretching along 200 metres of river bank. We will then raise more funds for at least two more years of planting at this site.
We have been very fortunate over the past two years to receive funds for our Kids Discovery Plantout programme, particularly from Whakaora Te Waihora, DOC, Living Water, RATA Foundation, and WWF, but there are never enough funds for the enormous demand from schools, so we asked the community to help for a particular new site, and they have!

We would not have been able to raise funds for this restoration project without the tremendous support of:

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