Interest in Native Planting is Rising

Te Ara Kākāriki Greenway Canterbury Trust has noticed an increase in landowners wanting to plant natives on their property. As well as a lot of people deciding to continue planting year after year as they realise the benefits of it to our ecosystem and the support from the community. Over the past 12 years, we have had a total of 73 native planting sites, including on private lands, with public schools, and on reserves. The average size of these native Greendots currently is 1,000 native trees, and some of them will continue to grow in size. In total, we have recorded over 77,000 native trees.

We have just received new applications in November 2018, and we want to thank the overwhelming number of people who applied this year for our assistance in starting their Greendot.

While we have more demand for our assistance than funds allow, if you are aware of businesses that would like to make annual donations, please contact [email protected] so that we can continue to grow the greenway to it’s fullest potential.



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