Become a Greendot


We are always looking for new sites. Where funding allows we can give you some assistance with funding, information or just the confidence to get your own Green Dot started. We have restoration experts on hand to answer any of your questions anytime. Email us at [email protected].

Click here to Apply for Greendot Assistance 2020


If you’ve already got a restoration project underway or still working on it why not register it with us and become part of the link from the Mountains to the Sea. There are dozens of sites already out there and with your help we can start to make the physical and community connections as we join the plants and people across the plains.

Your information will always remain your own and will never be publically published for the world to see unless you want it to. If you want the neighbors to know we can provide you with a sign to hang on the gate identifying your place as a Green Dot in the greenway across the plains.

You never know you might be right next to another Green Dot on your road…

To register your greendot email [email protected].

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