Start a Native Greendot

Te Ara Kakariki is still taking in applications from the Hororata Catchment area for our greendot programme. Please contact us for an application form:

We are funded to come out for a site visit, write a restoration plan, provide advice, take in applications for contestable funding for plants and combi guards, and organize volunteers to help you plant in Spring.

In the application, we want to know about your farm or land, and see a map and photographs of where you would like to plant the native greendot. We want to know how large, and what you can do through your own efforts and finances to match with our efforts. A greendot comittee of ecologists will be reviewing the applications. We can take on 10 from around the Selwyn District, and soon we can take an additional six applications from the Hororata cathcment aswell – which is a priority location.

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